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About us

Nuova Nikema is an Italian Stapler Manufacturer born as Nikema back in 1977 from the experience, knowledge and continuous innovation of both its founder, Mr Giuseppe Adamo and his wife, Mrs Maria Bortolini. With the aim of Promoting Research and Innovation for Staplers, Nailers, Bradders and Staples, Nuova Nikema can boost 50 years of experience in the tool market.
From the late ‘70s we have always been producing High Quality Stapling Tools in our 10.000 square meter building using the most updated CNC, the automated control of machining tools. Designing, creating and distributing our products is the key of our success over the years and that’s why we are the world’s most reliable manufacturer for the stapler industry. Our wide array of hundreds stapler models is distributed in more than 50 Countries all over the world.
Our history of innovation ranges from small Upholstery tools to strong staplers for Building, Packaging and Fencing. Nikema core value is bringing Innovation with an Italian design, as we want to ensure that we always match our products to our Customers’ needs. We strongly believe that Customers are the most important part of our production line along with the importance of durable materials used. That’s why we take extra care of our Customers also after the sale with our Maintainance and Tech Support. And that’s why our Customers stay loyal to our brand through the years, because loyality can’t be earned in a day but day by day. Price and Quality got us in the market, our Service and Integrity made the difference, and we have been working this way since we started 50 years ago. Our main goal is creating a complete package from designing projects to final products, producing staplers and nailers personalized for each and every customer need.
From January 2022 a New Management continues the Family Business: Eva Adamo (daughter of the founder) and her husband Massimiliano Bencivenga, who worked for Nikema for more than 20 years. Giuseppe Adamo, our founder, will always be remembered with love and we gonna thank him forever for teaching us that you don’t build a business, you build people and then people build the business. Our new aim is to maintain our core values and expanding our business into even more Fields and Countries. If you have any type of need from simple Nailers to strong Building or Fencing Staplers please feel free to contact us and we will be very happy to find the best match for you!

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